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PLEASE do not order mugs, tumblers, or signs with turners, they cannot ship together in same package.

***PLEASE read entire listing before purchasing!*** 

This is the new version of our popular SINGLE tumbler Cuptisserie. Designed and crafted by a machine designer with over 20 years of design experience, it is used for turning tumblers that have had self leveling epoxy applied to them, to assist in the epoxy curing smoothly. (No matter how many arms you purchase with it, it still only turns ONE cup at a time.) ***This version is powder coated black, and comes with or without an attachable drying rack that holds two cups. Don’t let this turner’s modest look and simple design fool you, it is sturdy and level, and easy to use. We have sold thousands of these to fellow cup artists who love them.


*** It is only available for purchase WITHOUT motor at this time. It is designed to fit a rotisserie motor, for which I have included the link to below. 

The motor easily slides onto the custom made bracket. If you then decide to upgrade to a larger turner, you can then easily remove the motor from this turner frame, and put it on your new upgraded turner.
Link for turner motor from Amazon:  (Pic of the motor in listing, it is the last photo. MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE BLACK MOTOR! The silver one does not line up correctly in the hole pattern with our turner.)
This space saving design ensures that your tumbler stays level and steady while turning. You'll be able to leave your tumbler spinning for hours, without worries of it falling off the turner if set up and used correctly; it has been well tested by a fellow tumbler creator---ME! This turner has an adjustable stablizer for the PVC arm, so that the arm that your tumbler is on doesn't move around during turning, resulting in dropped cups, or uneven epoxy curing. All turners will come with the bar that inserts into the motor, two removable pvc arms fitted for the turner, with one large and one small foam football, the drying rack, and turner frame.
We are not giving option of selecting ball sizes, these are the sizes it comes with. Having the removable arms makes it much easier to work on tumblers, and also enables you to glitter bottoms and up to rim, as the tumbler can be left on the arm from the beginning steps of the decorating process until the last step.